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needles and threads . texture and colour

Adding stitches, subtracting fabric, playing with texture and colour, layering, beading, oversewing, snipping screen-printed fabrics, cutting and sewing discharge dyed fabrics, are just a few of the techniques used by today's textile collage makers.

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These techniques, when combined with the flexibility and power of modern sewing machines, are the tools of today's collage or 'wearable art' designers.

Fabrics such as silks, satins, cottons and wools, which may first be hand-dyed, treated as cutwork, free-machined or beaded, are decorated by layering and stitching to build images, patterns or designs with fabric. They may be combined with found objects such as cords, threads, buttons, or beads to embellish or build up a surface texture.

Fabrics may also be embellished with suffolk puffs, lacework and stamping, all combined to create an encrusted look. The results are wonderfully crafted objects such as coats, jackets, large wall hangings and waistcoats, shawls and throws, scarves, bags and blankets. The combinations are limitless and up to the imagination of the maker. The results, 'wearable art' or 'art to wear'.


embroidery . thread painting

Wonderfully detailed and realistic pictures created through embroidery are timeless. Over the years, the introduction of different types of threads, including metallic and blended cottons, as well as beadwork, the addition of buttons and charms and the inclusion of various enhancing embroidery stitches has made cross-stitching and machine or treadle embroidery, a very exciting medium.

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Thread Painting or needle painting is an embroidery technique that can be used by both hand and machine embroiderers. The technique relies on long, smooth stitches and intricate shading to produce the stunning results. Stitch techniques allow the artist to manipulate individual stitches in length, direction, colour and thread weight.


nanduti lace . paraguayan wave (spider web)

The name Nanduti (pronounced nyan-doo-tee) comes from the Guarani word for spider web. It is also the name given to the renowned Paraguayan needle-woven lace - imitating the appearance of a spider web.

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This technique is characterised by its web-like structure - delicate, intricate, fragile yet durable. It is usually made on a small circular cushion and bears a resemblance to Tenerife lace.