Craft NSW

our last exhibition at 104 George Street



20 April - 6 May, 2018


To celebrate and farewell more than 11 years at 104 George Street - 'Moving On' - our last exhibition in the Old Coroner's Court. The exhibition featured favourite works, the old and the new, respecting the past while looking forward to the future.


Moving On - Susanne Fraser, ceramic horse, 'Bold Snow Dragon'


Moving On, Glenn Doyle, wirework, 'Chook'


Moving On, Neville Wostear, hand held harp, Jan Spencer, hand made book, Vicki Lowery woven silk scarf.


Moving On, Helen Wilder, handwoven silk scarf, Robin Phillips, Desert Tracks, acid etched necklance with coral.

Moving On at Craft NSW


Michael Ripoll, handcut paper 'Genesis'


Michael Ripoll, paper cut