Craft NSW

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Meet the Makers at Craft NSW


October 4 - October 29, 2017, entry is free


Meet the Makers

Featuring 33 members of the Society, ‘Meet the Makers’ is a programme of daily demonstrations, talks and displays about specific crafts.


We are also holding a simultaneous exhibition featuring the work of these 33 craftmakers, showcasing a range of ceramics, wirework, weaving, jewellery, glass, felting, paper and surface design with the work of Glenn Doyle, Ksenija Benko, Jan Spencer, Heidi Francis, Ceramics; Vera Alexanderova, Margaret Ramsey, Pat Hayward, Sara Hong, Margo Alexander, Liz Gemmell, Grace Whitehouse, Elaine Farrington, Lynda Vaculik, Maret Kalmar, Jane Hinde, Wendy Cartwright, Liz Hardy, Sandra Shaw, Dawn Talbot, Margaret Olah, Joy Dodd, Vicki Lowery, Liz Calnan, Helga Muschinski, Helen Wilder, Gwen Gibb, Margaret Conway, Sylvia Riley, Cynthia Retter, Natalie Fong, Michael Ripoll, Jude Skeers.


if you only ever visit one craft gallery in Sydney