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Carolyn Cabena . silk garments . silk accessories


My interest in fashion and textiles is the inspiration to create my own unique fabrics. For fifteen years I have experimented with a variety of dyes and techniques on silk fabric to style into garments and accessories.

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A length of fabric is printed with several screens, randomly placed, with consideration given to the finished garment. By changing the print placement my aim is to create Australian images and capture the spirit and rhythm of natural design. Over-dyeing and discharging the dye using shibori methods of resist adds a further dimension to the finished result and creates variations of colour. My devore scarves and shawls are a process of printing on white velvet, removing the pile and dyeing the fabric. In some cases the velvet is permanently textured with pleating.

My recent work includes discharging and overdying, using stitch and block resists, shibori on silk georgette and devore on velvet.


Jan Day . silk painter


After six years of enjoying the control and perfection of china painting, I found painting on silk.

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This unleashed a freedom to express feelings, a freedom to experiment with colour and a freedom to abandon all the rules associated with other mediums.

Most of my pieces are designed as a whole picture, but when draped or worn they assume magical fragments of colour and design. This encourages me to pursue my endless fascination with my subject material: wildlife, wildflowers, or simply splashes of colour.


Yaja Hadrys . textiles


‘As an artist, I often collaborate with nature, feeling connected and an integral part of it. When I use plants to dye and print fabrics I witness a true alchemy. Wearing my textile creations, having them close to the body, is like being hugged by nature, almost feeling her subtle breath.’

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A professional designer, photographer and artist, as a graduate of the Sydney College of the Arts, I worked in Sydney as the head of Graphics for SBS TV before relocating to Broome in Western Australia where I developed a passion for incorporating pearls and the Australian outback in my art.

I have studied the ancient arts and crafts of Australia’s traditional owners, learning about natural dyeing and weaving techniques from the Yolngu women in Arnheim land and document, through photography, the lives and customs of the people of Ramingining.


Jane Hinde . handpainted silk


It was the colours and the 'stained-glass' effect of painted silk which first appealed to me. The techniques involved are a combination of traditional batik (wax resist) and water colour painting.

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For me, it is the perfect medium to combine my drawing and painting skills with the lustre and versatility of silk. I use fibre reactive silk dyes, which are fixed by steaming to enhance the colours and make each item washable.

My style is quite figurative, with realistic drawing and a lot of painterly effects. All my work has an Australiana theme, which enables me to explore the vibrant colours of underwater scenes and wildflowers, as well as the more subtle tones in our landscapes and wildlife.


Kay Jensen . textile ceramic artist


I work for the enjoyment of the creative process, and aim to evoke emotions that one might feel looking closely at the details of nature.

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I have worked as a potter since 1982 producing one-off pieces, and in combination with silk from 1998 on. My silk scarves are hand-painted using traditional and original techniques. The brooches are formed on pit-fired stoneware, with collage inserts on painted silk backgrounds, reflecting my past and current environments.


Anatole Muschinski . silk painter


I have been painting on silk for the past twenty years having begun my artistic career as a sculptor.

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Inspiration for the silk painting come from many and varied sources including the colours of the Australian landscape plus the great European masters such as Picasso and Matisse who have inspired me with the joys of colour and pleasing the sensations gained from bold and stunning compositions.


Helga Muschinski . silk painter


I am a textile designer, artist and tutor. My work is in many private collections in Japan, America and Europe.

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I have taught at Sturt Summer School, and worked as artist in residence in Alice Springs and Tasmania. I have been published in Craft Arts and German craft magazines


Sylvia Riley . dyer painter and designer


Following experimentation with many arts and crafts, I finally stopped at textiles as I felt I had come home.

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Textiles allow me a full expression as a creative outlet and I have spent the last 15 years honimg my skills and learning from masters across the globe. Currently my work features shibori (Japanese resist dyeing technique) painting on silk with guta or batik as a resist, direct leaf printing, natural dyeing and printing with mordants.

I am fascinated by the chemistry involved in natural dyeing. I strive to combine the different techniques I have learned over the years to incorporate this new passion.


Sandra Shaw . textile artist


I am based in Newcastle, and have been exhibiting my work since 1984.  I have a degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Art.

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A strong interest in printmaking while completing my degree in Visual Arts evolved into a passion for surface design. Working for many years designing and printing metreage, clothing and quilt covers, I now burn my designs into silk velvet and satin using the devore technique.

My prints and patterns are inspired from decorative periods of history, etched into the fabric, then hand dyed. This work is unique and timeless, a special edition to any wardrobe.


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