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Geoff Davis . leatherwork


Leatherwork has been a passion of mine for the past 30 years. Spending many hours working with this natural product is deeply satisfying.

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I take great pleasure in producing fine leather belts from the highest quality materials available.

A big shift occurred in my leather crafting in 1998 when I was asked to repair a plaited leather belt bought approximately 25 years earlier in South America. It was impossible to repair the belt due to it's unique method of construction and fragility. I then set about reproducing the same belt and, over a period of about six weeks, finally worked out the intricate method of crafting this particular leather item and have persevered since that time in perfecting it.


Gaspar del Rey . leathercraft


Leather is a noble material which becomes more beautiful with use. I enjoy handcrafting this material with its many individual characteristics and versatility.

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Leather can be wet-moulded, carved, braided knotted, painted, stamped etc. I use various leathers and suedes. Kangaroo leather is especially valued for its strength and lightness. This makes it ideal for the thonging which I hand cut and use in most of my designs.

Although coming from Spain, where leather design has a long tradition, I began developing my skills in Sydney over 12 years ago. During this time I have attended classes and workshops in both countries as well as consulting many books and journals. Australia has developed a world reputation for braided and knotted leather because of the qualities of kangaroo leather and the outback way of life.


Gwen Gibb . pewter


Several years ago a saw a demonstration of pewter work and was so enthralled with what I saw, that I joined the class there and then and have been captivated ever since.

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My current work with pewter is mainly repousse, chasing and embossing; all time consuming and totally absorbing, yet very satisfying.

I studied overseas for five years; pewter, copper, leather and painting. In Australia I have studied enamelling and porcelain painting.


Pam & Yngvar Stroem Hansen . woodblock prints


In 1991, I discovered the fascinating medium of wood engraving, a relief printmaking technique, where the image is engraved on to the end grain of, usually, English Boxwood, using fine steel pointed tools called gravers and scorpers.

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The block is then inked up using a roller, and the image is then transferred on to paper by putting it through the printing press.

My prints are limited edition and numbered. Pam Stroem Hansen, handcolours my prints.