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Marlies Benjamin . decoupage


By using colour, design and fine cutting I aim to create unique pieces of decoupage that are functional but timeless in their appeal.

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I mix my own paint colours for backgrounds and constantly experiment to find new ways to present my work. I work on goose and emu eggs and wooden boxes mainly, but occasionally decoupage under glass and on ceramics.

My Dutch background gives my work a European flavour.

My initial training was with Val Lade. Since then, as a member of the Decoupage Guilds of NSW, Victoria and Queensland, I have attended workshops to fine tune the many techniques required to complete a piece of quality decoupage.


Regina Krawets . woven, embroidered bead jewellery


I am a self-taught artist who creates jewellery by weaving and embroidering hundreds, sometimes thousands of tiny glass seed beads.

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I combine them with semi-precious gemstones, pearls, crystals and other ephemera into pieces of wearable art.

My inspiration is the materials themselves, gemstones earthy and timeless, and especially the colourful glass beads their colours so rich and saturated, their myriad finishes and the textures created when varying sizes of these glass morsels are placed alongside each other.Each piece is a one of a kind creation made entirely by hand and requires many hours, occasionally even weeks, to complete.

I draw on my knowledge of form, pattern and colour gained from many years working as an interior designer as well as a love of fashion to create miniature artworks which are modern, unique and timeless - pieces that will allow their wearer to express their individuality.


Grace Levis . ceramic artist, felted jewellery


I create ceramic jewellery and artistic textiles which capture the distinctive themes and breathtaking colours of Australia.

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Born in Warsaw, Poland, I arrived in Sydney in 1990 and since then, have been developing my very own unique jewellery and wearable art. My jewellery collection includes handmade costume jewellery; necklaces, pendants and earrings in magnificent lustres, reflecting oceanic greens and blues, sun drenched earthy reds and purples as well as glowing gold from Australian mines.